Duurzaamheid Werkt


Duurzaamheid Werkt offers the following advantages for candidates:

  • We know the clients' organizational culture, so we can answer many questions.
  • We know the area well: the market, competitors, etc.
  • We may be able to advise you after hearing your thoughts aournd next career steps. 

Duurzaamheid Werkt conducts open and thorough interviews with candidates and clients on all aspects that are important: purpose and expected results for the job opening, organizational culture and cooperation, the commitment and it's preconditions.

Are the vacancies currently published on this website not suitable or of interest for you? You can still send your details and CV to application AT duurzaamheidwerkt DOT nl so we can find you whenever there is a more suitable vacancy. We can especially be of help for multi-talents, who, having been very succesful in a.o. international business, who are not afraid of 'uphill battles' and who are seeking to make a 'net-positive' impact to society. Please bear in mind that sustainability start-ups averagely pay lower salaries. 

In addition to your resume, we would like to receive a brief outline of where you are heading, and what role in what specific context you aspire. Are you willing to travel for work and how much? Do you have a work permit for the Netherlands? What languages do you speak? How many hours a week do you want to work? In short, if you mention everything relevant and important to you, we will have a clearer picture of you. Write your CV (maximum 2 A4 pages) and letter (maximum 1 A4 page) in English please. After having received your information we will contact you within 10 days.

Duurzaamheid Werkt matches the best candidates for job openings, usually by a combination of publishing, networking and searching our database. So it is important to send us important CV changes.

Do you no longer wish to be in our database, please email to application AT duurzaamheidwerkt DOT nl with request to remove your data. We will do so within 5 working days.