Duurzaamheid Werkt


In-depth knowledge of sustainable development, knowing how to build transition teams, and of course our extensive network are the main reasons why Duurzaamheid Werkt is successful. Management consultancy, recruitment and supervision of employees are our main activities. We are flexible, your requirements determine the process.

Thousands of candidates are registered in the database of Duurzaamheid Werkt. They form an international network of professionals operating on all levels, with experience in e.g. supply chain management, marketing and communications, lobbying, quality management or with multi-stakeholder initiatives. For interim recruitment, we quickly search the best candidate as well.

“Duurzaamheid Werkt delivers good people for a good cause and in the right place.”

"Employers can be assured that thanks to Duurzaamheid Werkt's approach they will get someone who came out of the interviewing process as if he/she came out of some preparation training for the job."