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Welcome to Duurzaamheid Werkt – Sustainability Works

Recruitment for sustainability frontrunners

Duurzaamheid Werkt aims at supporting the development of sustainability frontrunners. The transition to sustainability requires teams with specific competencies. An insight into the qualities of transition teams and knowledge of sustainable development itself are the main reasons why we are successful: we quickly achieve good results for our clients at relatively little expense. Management consultancy, recruitment and the coaching of staff are our main activities. Our way of working is demand-driven and flexible, and as a team we combine our expertise when functional.

Thousands of professionals have registered in the database of Duurzaamheid Werkt. They constitute an international network of pragmatic idealists, intellectuals and pioneers in sustainability, with experience in sustainable development, in supply chain management, marketing communications, lobbying, quality management or multi-stakeholder initiatives. 

We are also available for interim recruitment. Is your workload increasing and are you quickly in need of new colleagues? We can help you make the right choice.