Duurzaamheid Werkt

Welcome to Duurzaamheid Werkt

Recruitment, consultancy and practical support for sustainability frontrunners.

The transition to a more sustainable society requires organisation teams with specific competences. Duurzaamheid Werkt strengthens frontrunning organisations by attracting and selecting the right professionals.

Selection professionals

Duurzaamheid Werkt has:

  • Executed over 230 recruitment projects 
  • > 98% are still employed after 12 months
  • Succesfully recruited for several key positions 
  • Database and network of > 10,000 international professionals

“What makes Duurzaamheid Werkt stand out is full commitment. This is an open transparent partnership. And a very effective one too.”

“The market transformation expertise that Duurzaamheid Werkt brings, combined with their impressive network, enables them to create value. We feel completely connected and we get the right people at the right time.”